Education courses in event management

Event management is a discipline that focuses on the specific steps and practices necessary for the successful planning of an event. The discipline employs marketing, project management, public relations  and advertising skills to develop large scale events by identifying the target audience, formulating the event concept and technical facets before launching the event.

There is however a huge misconception that event management is the same as event planning which is not true. Event planning is the creative pre-event process while management deals with the logistics of the event in question. For some people, event planning is just a positive trait of a person’s character but when it comes to event management, you need more than mere talent to hack the field. You need academic qualifications and there are a number of educational courses in the field. It is important to note that while you can enroll in an ‘Event Management’ course, most universities do not offer it as a unit on its own. Let us look at some of these courses.

Sports, recreation and event management: This three-year course is specially designed to equip an individual with industry specific skills in the sports and recreation sectors as well as an opportunity for growth in event management in these particular areas.

International event management: This is another bachelor course that is especially marketable given the fast growing industry in various parts of the world. With this degree, you could study in Australia and comfortably settle in a position in The Gulf or even Asia.

Bachelor in event and tourism management: Tourism and event management are both fast growing industries that demand equally vibrant personnel to drive their growth and potential. This qualification would have you organising events in sports, community and even conventions.

Apart from the bachelor program, you could also enrol for the shorter diploma course in event management studies, this diploma is typically a twelve-month course if you are a full time student or longer if you are a part timer, for a range of flexible course options visit this site. A diploma in the field would leave you equipped to be well conversant in the field but a person with a bachelor’s degree would be more preferred in terms of securing employment mostly because of the specialised training.

In conclusion, event management is more than just the exciting prospect of party planning. Yes, it might seem all very appealing especially if you are one of those people who attends certain events and note how differently you would have centred the floral placements or hired a different band to suit the event but there is a lot more red tape in event management than planning. So much that it requires you to have an education and a couple of internships just for a prospective employer and client that you have what it takes. This being said, take your time researching the course you want to undertake and whatever course you decide on, make sure you pick a reputable institute in the field, for example if you are interested in a diploma in digital media then you should have a look at what resources the university has available and which subjects are required for study.

This way, you will major in the specific area you are most interested in and if you are going to opt for an online course which is usually the cheaper option, make sure you get value for your money. Beware of courses that appear to be unusually cheap because even though it is good for your savings, if the deal is too good, think twice.

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