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If you are organising any event, be it an exhibition, a conference or a wedding, you will require a venue. The selection of venue you decide on often means the difference between failure and success to your function, so it will be a key decision to make. The very first venue that will instantly pop into your head is hotels, and you can find an enormous number of hotels in most towns and cities countrywide that provide you with this facility. Still, you should really look at other choices other than your local hotel as there are quite a few distinctive and one of a kind venues that provide facilities for exhibitions and weddings.

Regardless of the event type, one needs space for a group get together. Thus, hiring a venue space has a lot of advantages. Using a hired venue will make planning one's event easier as things can be coordinated through a single source. Plus, with the wide variety of event venues available, one can find a space that truly fits the occasion. Here are some simple things to consider when looking for a venue to hire:


A corporate dinner party and a 50th wedding anniversary each have similar and unique requirements. It is important not only to know what type of event, but the tone and feel one wants to achieve too.


This is critical as either a too small or too big a venue can really put a damper on a party. Too small a space means overcrowding and potentially slow service, while too big a venue can sometimes make the gathering feel insignificant. Get an accurate headcount early in the process.


This is obviously important if considering an outdoor event, but even during colder times, many venues have heated outdoor areas. Either way, be sure to plan the event well in advance especially if there is a specific date in mind.


Make sure to anticipate any activities that will go on during the event. For example, if planning a corporate outing, senior management may want to make presentations or speeches so space needs are different. Knowing what activities are planned ahead of time will help eliminate last minute scrambling.


Ideally the venue location will be convenient to most of the guests, but when this is not possible, consider the venue's proximity to public transportation or convenient parking. Also, if looking at a city venue, consider the safety of the neighbourhood.


Food and drinks make or break a party, so make sure to thoroughly investigate the capabilities of the venue. Most will have catering facilities or will provide recommendations but most often one's own caterer can be used.


If considering some type of entertainment, be sure to get requirements early to be sure the venue can accommodate. While most venues can easily handles bands and dance floors, entertainment options are becoming more unique, so don't assume the space is set-up for things like a live cooking demonstration.


Think carefully about anything that may require special thought. For a 90th birthday party there may be quite a few older guests. If the party space is not on the ground floor, make sure there are enough lifts to accommodate guests. This is where a good event with the venue's representative to go over plans is very valuable as they can often anticipate potential issues based on experience.


Be sure to have a figure in mind before searching for a venue and don't be shy about sharing the parameters early in the process. While one wants to hire the best venue for the gathering, spending a lot of money won't guarantee the party will be a success.

Keep these considerations in mind when hiring a venue to ensure the space fits the event.

Lastly, regardless of what type of function you're planning, be it a company conference over a few days for hundreds or even thousands of men and women, an intimate wedding reception for a few family and friends or an art exhibition where you want a platform that will really stand out, you will be able to get just what you desire. Just in case the proper planning is too arduous to tackle alone, you could employ venue management software to complete all the work on your behalf. You can then relax and simply accept all the credit for organising a superb venue for the event.

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